Corporate Law


Our team specializes in corporate law including providing legal advice to entrepreneurs who set up a company or individuals pursuing social projects development through the establishment of associations and foundations. Therefore, our services can cover all the procedures of setting up legal entities, or non-profit and business administration and changing their structure.

  • Companies
  • Non-profit organisations (associations, foundations, etc..)
  • Legal advice and assistance on the organization and functioning of companies and organizations;
  • Developing rules of organization and operation;
  • Support meetings of the statutory bodies;
  • Procedures for amending the articles of incorporation;
  • Maintaining relationships with public institutions / authorities involved.
  • Legal advice and assistance on changes that occur in the activities of companies and organizations;
  • Increase / decrease of share capital;
  • Mergers, transformations;
  • Acquisition of a company or an economic asset.
  • Advice on all aspects of corporate law;
  • Contracts related to the management and operation of companies.
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