Employment Law


Since 2008, our company has set up a department specializing in labor law. Thus we have the power to advise companies on all aspects of employment law.

  • Assistance in negotiating employment contracts
  • Legal assistance and representation in disputes concerning the liability of the employee by the employer
  • Writing job descriptions, organization and operation regulations, internal regulations
  • Advice on negotiating collective agreements at national, branch or business unit
  • Labor relations advice
  • Disputes regarding the liability of the employee by the employer for breach of the confidentiality clause for damages caused to the employer, wrongly received refunds
  • Mediation by attorney on disputes arising between employers and employees in the development of employment and labor disputes
  • Legal assistance and representation in labor disputes concerning the rights and obligations under the collective agreement and the employment contract
  • Protecting the rights of civil servants, public officials, civil servants with special status and civilian personnel, contractual disputes with ministries, public authorities and institutions
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