The history of our Law Firm is a very structured, carefully planned journey which sought to deepen all branches of law both in litigation and in consulting services. Each client has meant a challenge to develop the ability to treat the cases trusted in our hands with efficiency and succes. 1998 marks the start of Carmen Frunza’s career in law.

The first stage of professional development meant hard work in the field of civil law and real estate claims. The Law Office soon made a sound name through the hith stakes and the names of the clients represented. Properties of Zambacian familie, Ghika-Stārcea and Sturdza were won in court by effort of Carmen Frunza.

After the success in civil law, we made a step towards commercial law, representing National Center of Cinematography in litigation to recover the debts due by major national TV stations.

2000s meant a natural progression, building on the experience gained in the real estate claims cases. We have become trusted partners for major foreign investment funds and represented them in purchasing properties and buildings in Romania. These projects were completed by investing millions of euros in Romanian real estate market.

The success we have achieved in this first experience with foreign investment funds has opened a new direction, to multinationals. Therefore we followed the branch of corporate law, providing legal assistance in the conduct of current operations for the various offices of major multinationals. I thoroughly reviewed the procedures and formalities of the National Trade Register Office, creating a department dedicated to this institution. The experience gained during this time has been usefull in the editirialistic activity with two law review articles.

The No. 7/2007 our lawyers have created a reference article entitled “Taxation of income from sale of rights conclusion of succession and contracts for the sale of litigious rights” and in No. 10/2008 we were asked legal opinion in the article ” Reviews of the action for annulment regulated by art. 80 paragraph 1 letter c of Law 85/2006 on insolvency proceedings.”

2009 marked the beginning of our cooperation with The Japanese Chamber of Foreign Trade. We have created a report for foreign investors on the Romanian legislation.
Also in 2009, we made an important step in the field of tax law, representing a large industrial park in the procedures of maintainng state financial aids. A reputed success for this client was changing practice of the High Court of Cassation and Justice on State aid to concencios administrative court.

All the experience that we’ve acquired recommended us to represent an important industrial site that produced construction machinery to cancel privatization contracts concluded by AVAS.

2010 saw a year of growth and development. Our offices moved into an elegant and generous space, and the team has grown. This move was the first step towards the metamorphosis of the individual office into a professional Law Firm. We have become legal partners of an important private medical clinic chain in Bucharest. We’ve supported the development of these clinics, provided legal advice in the acquisition of major medical equipments, employment contracts for staff and physicians.

In 2011 Carmen Frunza, law office holder has associated with Aniela Burlacu, a young , dynamic and creative lawyer, and together they have founded the Law Firm Frunza & Associates, who carries on the values and mission undertaken in the history of the cabinet.